Tuesday, June 16

Williams Hall
YGW Faculty Concert

Featuring faculty Adam Levin, Will Riley, Devin Ulibarri, and Colin Thurmond.

Wednesday, June 17

Fenway Center
Opening Night Concert

Boston GuitarFest 2014 competition winner Xavier Jara performs a solo recital, including the GuitarFest 2014 winning composition “Obsession” by Viet P. Cuong

Thursday, June 18

Fenway Center
New Music Concert

Contemporary music by women composers, with duo Promenade Sauvage: Maarten Stragier guitar and Luca Piovesan accordion

Stars of Boston GuitarFest Concert

Featuring Zaira Meneses, Kim Perlak, Jennifer McNeil

$20 general, $10 student

Friday, June 19

Jordan Hall

The Boston Guitar Orchestra, directed by Scott Borg

Jordan Hall
Oscar Ghiglia and Xuefei Yang in Concert

Maestro Oscar Ghilglia plays Poulenc and Milhaud, followed by special Boston GuitarFest guest artist Xuefei Yang
$20 general, $10 student

Saturday, June 20

Jordan Hall
The Eternal Feminine: Eliot Fisk and Friends Concert

Eliot Fisk presents J. S. Bach’s Cello Suite VI (Trans. Fisk), Ralf Gawlick‘s monumental song cycle Kollwitz-Konnex (with soprano Anne Harley), and the world premiere of Boston GuitarFest commissioned work Conversation Piece by Kurt Schwertsik (with marimbist Ayami Okamura)

$40 general, $15 student

Conversation Piece, Op. 113
by Kurt Schwertsik

    Allegro Deciso

Guitar & Marimba, two wonderful Instruments! With roughly the same range, their sounds are short, but have pronounced attacks & with their ability to represent both chords and lines they can create a noble & elegant soundscape. This opens the possibility to have similar chords & patterns travelling back and forth between the instruments, producing a lively dialogue or spirited contest, with intriguing results for listeners & players alike. I hope my composition helps the musicians to bring out the qualities sketched above, justifying its title.

Cello Suite VI
by J. S. Bach (Trans. Fisk)

    Gavotte I
    Gavotte II

Kollwitz-Konnex (…im Frieden seiner Hände), Op. 19
by Ralf Gawlick

    Selbstbildnis en face, lachend (um 1888/1889)
    Skizzenbild Interludium
    Selbstbildnis am Tisch (1893)
    Selbstbildnis en face (1904)
    Selbstbildnis, Halbprofil nach rechts (1916)
    Vier Selbstbildnis Studien (um 1919-1924)
    Selbstbildnis (1922)
    Selbstbildnis (1934)
    Selbstbildnis im Profil nach rechts (1938)

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“The eminent German graphic artist Käthe Kollwitz, one of the greatest portrait artists of the 20th century, championed the vulnerable, poor and despairing; she was the patron saint of mother and child, of the outcast and downtrodden and of the neglected, whose lives constantly hung in he balance. Ralf Gawlick’s Kollwitz-Konnex (…im Frieden seiner Hände), a song cycle for soprano and guitar, is based on passages selected from Kollwitz’ diary and letters, linked to nine of her self-portraits which span her entire creative life.”

For more on Käthe Kollwitz, visit the site of the Käthe Kollwitz Museum Köln, the largest museum in the world devoted entirely to her work. Eliot Fisk and Anne Harley gave the European première of the piece there in April 2013:

Sunday, June 21

Jordan Hall
Performance Competition

Final Round
Free and open to the public

Subject to change