Devin Ulibarri

Devin Ulibarri is a versatile musician with compositions published inConceptions Southwest magazine, a range of teaching experience, and a BM in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of New Mexico. He recently earned his master’s degree at the New England Conservatory under the tutelage of world-renowned musician Eliot Fisk. Devin Ulibarri’s multitude of talents includes fluency in the Japanese language, and he has premiered works for such promising Japanese composers as Emi Inaba from Berklee College of music.  An accomplished and innovative teacher, Ulibarri recently published an article, co-authored with Larry Scripp and Rob Flax, titled “Thinking Beyond the Myths and Misconceptions of Talent,” which Tanglewood’s Allen Fletcher called, “an immensely consequential investigation of an issue at the heart of society, and a call to effective action.”