Four Performance Competition finalists were chosen to perform in the final round at Jordan Hall for the largest and most lively audience in the competition’s history. The hall reverberated with youthful and invigorating interpretations of Ginestera, Rodrigo, Mertz, Turina, Debussy, and of course, J.S. Bach.

The judges were so impressed with the performances that two competitors tied for the 3rd prize, and thus awarded all four finalists. Virginia Eskin has kindly announced a special donation to the 3rd place winners, once again showing the dedication of Boston GuitarFest’s faculty to the guitarists of tomorrow.

1st place – Chad Ibison
2nd place – Piotr Pakhomkin
3rd place (tie) – Adam Kossler and Edgar Ivan Resendiz

The winner of the Composition Competition is Saúl Chapela Díaz from Moanha, Spain, for his work “Catarsis”. Mr. Chapela will receive a cash prize of $400 and a free 5-day registration for Boston GuitarFest 2013; his winning composition will be performed as part of Boston GuitarFest 2013.

The judges have also named two honorable mentions, presented here in alphabetical order: Adam Borecki from Orange, California, for his work, “Garden of Dreams”; and Nejc Kuhar from Ljubljana, Slovenia, for “Black Hole”.

Special thanks to the Boston GuitarFest Composition Competition judges, Alexander Dunn, Enric Madriguera, Apostolos Paraskevas, and Anthony Paul De Ritis.

And a large round of applause for the truly exceptional submissions that we received from the guitar composers community! This year we had 73 composers submit 83 works from 28 different U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and 18 different countries — there were so many wonderful compositions. Keep up the good work!

A special thanks to all of the competitors this year. On behalf of Boston GuitarFest, we wish you the best!

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Performance Competition

The 2012 Boston GuitarFest Competitions will run concurrently with the festival. The Performance Competition is open to all registered master class participants, but it is also possible to register for the competition alone. For questions about the Performance Competition, contact Devin Ulibarri at
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Works for Solo Guitar Composition Competition

The winning composition will be performed in Boston GuitarFest 2013 and will receive a cash prize of $400 and a free 5-day registration for GuitarFest 2013. For questions about the Composition Competition, contact Anthony De Ritis at
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