Thursday June 21 – Preliminary round (Closed to the public): 10am – 1pm, Williams Hall

Friday June 22 – Preliminary round (Closed to the public): 10am – 1pm, Williams Hall

Saturday, June 23 – Semifinal round: 10am-1pm, Williams Hall

Sunday, June 24 – Final round: 3pm, Jordan Hall


●      Contestants must be at the outset of their careers and may not have professional representation.

●      Previous first prize winners of the Boston GuitarFest competition are not eligible.

●      There is no age limit (over 18 years of age).


1st prize: $5000 and concert at 2013 Boston GuitarFest. Arrangements may be made for additional concerts and radio engagements if possible.

2nd  prize: $2500

3rd prize: $1000

Required Piece

One movement from a substantial work by J.S. Bach (This includes, but is not limited to J.S. Bach’s solo cello suites, violin paritias and sonatas and the lute suites.)

Competition Rounds

●      Preliminary round: not to exceed 10 minutes. Contestant must include required piece.

●      Semifinal round: not to exceed 15 minutes. Free choice, but not including required piece (A different piece by J.S. Bach may be performed).

●      Final round: not to exceed 25 minutes. Contestant must include required piece.  This work may be the same or different as in the preliminary round*.

●      Individual movements from major works are acceptable.

●      No concertos or chamber music will be permitted.

●      All pieces must be performed on a nylon-string, classical guitar.

●      All works must be performed from memory.

●      If possible, contestants should bring one copy of each score to present to the jury upon request.

●      The judges’ decisions are final.  The judges reserve the right to hear all or part of the prepared works and may stop competitors at any point.  Time on stage before and between pieces is generally not counted towards the total time limit except when deemed as excessive by the judges.  Performances going over the time limit may be stopped at no penalty to the contestant.

●      All applications will be acknowledged upon receipt.

●      Boston GuitarFest has the right to limit the number of participants based on a first come, first serve basis.

●      Performance times will be determined by a random drawing. Special requests cannot be accommodated.

●      Failure to appear at the appointed time will result in disqualification.

*The required piece that is performed in the first round to fill the required piece requirement may be repeated in the final round, but may not be repeated in the semifinal round. While other works may be repeated from round to round, the judges welcome a variety of repertoire.